Monday, April 28, 2008

Calling All Creative Minds!

I have a friend who would like you guys to give some suggestions about a party they are throwing. Since I'm SUPER busy working on a project right now I figured it would be fine if they hijacked the blog. At least for a day or so... :-)

Calling all Party Planners, Idea Holders, Fun Lover’s, Celebration Goers’….and anyone else who has an idea please….PLEASE….come forth.

We are planning a milestone surprise party. The theme…Beach and/or Hawaiian.

We began with the decorations which are 14 inch chunky black lanterns with candles inside. Then we have glass cylinders to use and decorate as well; possible with sand and candles. The tables will have black table cloths with khaki or aqua runners. There will also be about ten black and white photo’s blown up to poster size to be propped around the floor or ledge above.

We hired a one man guitarist/singer who is AWESOME!

Food is undecided as of now only because we are unsure if we will attempt it ourselves or hire a caterer.

Drinks: We will have some galvanized tubs with ice and bottled beer. Then I am going to buy old-fashioned clear glass “lemonade” pitchers with the “spickets” and put different kinds of drinks in them like margarita’s or something of the sort. They will be labeled with little labels, and colorful - a décor in itself.

Here is where I need you all to come in (hopefully)…..the invitation wording. We would like to welcome everyone to wear their luau/beach cloths so I need to cleverly phrase that on the invite.

Also…the reason we have chosen this theme is very significant. It was some of the party goers’ ideas to get a glass container and label it Hawaii Trip. Everyone at the party can contribute and with any luck we can send the birthday person back to Hawaii (most of the money coming from family I am sure). I dislike it when people send you an invite and tell you what to buy or where to buy it. However in this occasion we would really like to state no gifts but if you feel you must, there will be a chance to gift at the party. My first question is: Do you think that can be said on an invitation? Second question: How would one say that without it sounding like bring money, give a gift. I want it to be fun and lighthearted as we REALLY don’t expect anything but do not want or need gifts and this would be a remarkable gift which 80% of the party goers will know the significance of.

Well…what do you think? Do you think you can help? I sure hope so!


Laura said...

I would phrase the clothing part at the bottom of the invite saying ªbeachy chicª or something to that effect.

With regards to the gift option - it would not be polite to include in the invitation itself. However, a friend of mine recently held a birthday/housewarming party for her husband, and after she sent out the invite, her sister emailed all the invitees to say in a casual way that gifts of course were not really necessary, but if we were planning on bringing flowers or a bottle of wine, then she had a better idea... that he had been saving for ages for a barbeque and it would be really great if we could all pitch in to get him one great gift instead of several small ones. So you could maybe try something like that?

Anonymous said...

I love this idea! I actually got this Oriental Trading magazine the other day that had a LOT of luau style decor in it pretty cheap... just a hint!

As far as the gifting/wording... we're pretty much past the stage of puting on an invitation being outdated. Have you noticed that just about everywhere you go has gift registeries now? And many of them give you cute little themed cards that say 'I'm registered here' to put in your invites? Of all the weddings I attend or baby showers, I hate when there's no registry because you never know what to buy! What's they're theme, what color is their kitchen, do they already have a toaster? Registeries do that!!!

So, while I wouldn't put something in the wording of the invite itself, I would include a little insert that just says something like 'a note from Jim's children. Jim has requested no gifts, but as a surprise we will be taking free will donations to help send him back to Hawaii at the event'... just something simple to say what you're doing and that it's not required.

As far as the attire, I wouldn't do much more than open with a 'Dig out your beach wear, you're invited to a luau!' and people will get the hint... if you just put 'you're invited to a luau' they will to. just like when you put 'you're invited to a black tie event honoring so n so' you know to pull out the suits.

Hope I helped!

Kbreints said...

I like what anon above had to say-- that is a great way to handle it! I don't think anyone will be offended...

Anonymous said...

Here are a few options. I just googled "luau invitation wording" and tons of options came back in the first hit....

A (Bridal Shower) Hawaiian style
doesn’t it sound great?
In honor of
it’s time to celebrate
Wear your favorite Hawaiian shirt
or grass skirt if you dare
it’s sure to be blast
so we hope to see you there!
Day, Date, Year Line

Option 2:
Palm trees and sandy beaches
might be far away
So were bringing the tropics to us
to surprise them on this special day
A Tropical Anniversary Luau
For "Mom & Dad"
Special Event Line One
Day, Date, Year Line

I don't think their is going to be a polite way to ask for cash for gifts in the invite. You should just say: "No gifts please."
include an insert that says:
Those who want to hear the details of the special surprise we're planning for Mom & Dad can email Julie at"

You could just say no gifts and then have the jar at the party and spread by word of mouth what it is for.

Jenn said...

I'm an old fashioned girl... and I actually get offended when I open any invitation and the inserts fall out... I was raised that you let people know these things by word of mouth. You'd be suprised how well that will work. Although, the email address for more details on the birthday surprise is a good idea... :) Take into account the age of the guests too... You might be able to get away with something a little more direct with the 20 something crowd and not included it in the invites for the 40+ crowd. (Although, I'm almost 30, but my Mom and Grandmother were very big into the "proper" way of doing things, I got an Emily Post book for my 16th birthday.)
I like wording option two... Most people will figure out to dress for a luau if the invite says its a luau.
Good luck and have fun! Hopefully Hawaii will be in the birthday person's near future!