Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Little Cedar

Back in October Jess had e-mailed me pictures of the cabin we were going to stay in. The brochures were lovely and I'm going to post them here because I'm sure she won't mind the free advertising.
However, I must say, the brochures do not even come CLOSE to doing this place justice. After driving for 8 hours to reach our destination we pulled in and saw this quaint little carving as we entered the driveway.Set back in the woods we came across the log cabin. Adorable from the outside, drop dead gorgeous from the inside.

When you enter the cabin you come upon a open kitchen/living room/dinning room area.

Complete with a wood burning stove...
Which we did take advantage of on Thursday night when it got a little chilly.

Off of the kitchen area there was also a really nice screened in porch. (This was Jess's secret napping area...)

The cabin also had three bedrooms. Once we had seen it we knew there was no way we were going to be able to "fight amongst ourselves" and decide who got the master bedroom so we flipped for it. My husband flipped the coin and we lost... I think I should have demanded a re-toss by a more competent flipper!! :-)

So we let Jess and Shane have the master bedroom

And we took the fish bedroom. (Which was probably pretty appropriate considering it was all Jake thought about or talked about while we were there!!) (Yes those are totes that our clothes are in. Jess made us pack everything in totes in case in rained and the cover on the truck bed leaked. Let me tell you... were were the most classy people in the Hilton on Friday too....)
There was also a third bedroom decorated with Dogs. Jan (the owner) LOVES dogs. She rescues them and has 13 of them right now. The ones that are adoptable she finds new homes for but the ones with "issues" she trains and keeps.
If we would have brought Zack, this would have been his room. There was a pack n' play in the closet and a highchair under the deck. I kept telling Jess I felt like we were staying in someones house and they were out of town on vacation. EVERYTHING was there except the people.

When we arrived on Wednesday she had cookies and home made salsa waiting for us. There was shampoo in the showers and a little drawer full of all sorts of things that you might have forgotten.
The cabin was so nice that the guys are already planning their return trip, I think they forgot to include us in this fishing weekend. :-)


stella said...

Wow, that looks so cool! Next time, I think I could drive the 8 hours from here and meet you there. Looks like it was a wonderful time! Glad you were able to get away from it all for a while.

Jessica said...

AWESOME...is an understatement! It was serene, breathtaking, beautiful and a place capable of holding many unforgettable memories.
Despite our daily lifestyle differences, there is no one I can think of that I would rather spend several days with in a cabin 20 minutes from socialization than Heather. Jake was fine too...but we didn't see him as often and let me tell you the word "fish" in every thought and sentence may have pushed me off the dock come sundown! :)
Heather - did you notice the differences in the way the cabin was when we were there and the way it is in the pictures on the brochures? They have made some awesome changes!!

I CAN'T WAIT to go back!!

PS: The butter warmer is $60 - how many would you like?

OMH said...

That is COOL! Glad you had a great weekend.......so did Jake catch anything?

Kbreints said...

Yeah... how WAS the fishing?? Awesome cabin!

Jessica said...

We aren't to fishing yet people....Fishing was the next day...follow along and keep up! :)

Stay tuned....