Friday, April 25, 2008

Drive to Eureka Springs

For some reason the whole allure of jumping on a boat and sitting for hours watching a pole bounce up and down only to reel in a large smelly fish was lost on us girls. So, we decided to spend our day a little differently than the guys.

We had heard about a little town called Eureka Springs that had some quaint little shops and so we decided to drive over there to visit. We were told that it was only about 20 miles away but the drive was kind of scenic and it would take us about 45 minutes to get there. What we didn't realize was that just because it's 20 miles away does not mean that we can drive through the lake to get there. So... we had to go around.

If you plot the trip on a map it looks something like this....
If you drive it it looks more like this....

(Can someone please enlighten us as to the point of the two stop signs?? We are thoroughly confused)

The people who told us were right. It was very pretty. Except for the random smattering of trailers and junk piles along the way. When you see the movies and you think of rural Arkansas I was expecting people with thick accents, no teeth and living in run down houses. For the most part the people were very nice and hardly had accents at all. However, several of the houses / mobile homes... they did not disappoint.

At one point I believe Jess referred to driving through the "show me state" to get to the "sh*$ hole state" but I could be paraphrasing. :-)

On the way there we decided to take a slight detour and visit the Beaver Damn. This is a hydroelectric damn and while it didn't look like they did tours it was still pretty cool to see.
We even found two unsuspecting ladies to take our picture.
After the damn we continued to downtown Eureka Springs. We missed our turn, however and ended up taking the back roads to downtown. Or as Jess referred to them the bike trail through the houses. She swears if she would have had a cane she could have rang the doorbells. I think she was exaggerating just a bit... but not much.
In all the shopping wasn't as great as we expected but the drive there more than made up for it.


Jessica said...

No I was not photographer didn't capture it.

You could literally tap the door with a cane as you drove by.
People could pass sugar through their windows to each other or other herbs...I think it was that kind of town.

The drive was beautiful, the shops were quant. It was nice.

I wanted to get a physchic reading but my partner in crime said NO. (Sigh)

I will never know what my future holds....

Kbreints said...

So funny! I died laughing when you said "if she would have had a cane she could have rang the doorbells"

Love the scenery though! Looks like fun!

Erin said...

It looks gorgeous! I think the double stop sign is because they really REALLY want to make sure that you stop!

Kathy said...

Hi, I just wandered into your blog while browsing and wow, the lake caused just a minor detour eh?? The pictures are beautiful though. So fun to see how different people live...I bet they were all running out to the patio to see who was drivin' throught town. ;) Very funny. Love your blog!