Thursday, April 24, 2008

Jake's Cat Fish

Jake caught this 30 lb Catfish in the Des Moines river on March 22nd and begged me to put it up on the Internet so everyone could see it. (I have a 5 x 7 of it on my refrigerator so if I have to stare at it... so do you!! :-)
I know it is not the fish pictures you are waiting for but I promised him I would put it up. He even had this whole post written in his head about what I should say so I couldn't let him down.


Jessica said...

Jake should work out a little so he can hold that fish up as proud as his face is! :)
Be glad he isn't telling you what the plaque needs to say underneath the fish on the wall.

OMH said...

I'm thinking that it would be great framed and hanging in the kitchen.........maybe add a little music button that says "We are the Champion" or if we could get someone special to sing it "Jake is the Chanpion - my fish....."

Actually it is a very impressive catch - I love deep fried catfish so I know that it is impressive. So did he catch anything over the weekend??????

Kbreints said...

Holy crap! I cannot believe that he caught that in the DSM river!

Anonymous said...

WOW I just can't believe that Jake looks so GREAT!! Oh yeah and the fish is nice too!

stella said...

And I thought that catfish he caught here was a big one! Nice catch, Jake!!

Lindsay said...

Someone needs to tan that boy's head. The glare takes away from the fish. J/K