Thursday, April 03, 2008

Checking In

Things around here have been a little crazy. I'm going into my 50th hour of work this week and my brain is a little fried. HOWEVER... I thought I should at least give you a little update on the goings on around our house.

One week ago Jake got his one year coin/chip at his home meeting. It was a nice ceremony. His mom, his grandma, his grandpa, my parents and Jess and Shane were there. There was one person missing from the festivities but we have come to the conclusion that if he is going to continue to exclude himself from the festivities because he can't let go of the past than that is his loss not ours.

Anyhow, the meeting was nice and Jake talked for a little while and thanked everyone who showed up to support him. Jess took this nice picture of us after the meeting. (Ignore the fact that I look about 20 lbs too heavy... I'm going to do something about it... just NOT right now....)

When Jake picked Zack up on Thursday night he noticed that his eyes were kind of matty. I told him I was guessing it was pink eye but the whites of his eyes were still decidedly white so we were all holding out hope that perhaps it was an ear infection or a sinus cold.

My parents took him home after Jake got his metal/coin/chip and on Friday morning I got this picture of him on my phone. My mom said what do you think should I take him to daycare?

I immediately called her and informed her that there is NO way they would even let him in the door. Then Jake went and picked him up and off to the doctor they went. Three Friday trips in four weeks. Bronchilitus, Tonsillitis and now....




Pink eye. So for five days we tried to wrestle our screaming toddler to the ground to try to get drops in his eyes. I realize that of all the illnesses this is probably the easiest on him but it was one of the hardest to treat. And before you tell me, yes I know the trick about putting it in the corner of his eye and letting it go in when he opens them... the problem there is still getting him to LAY DOWN for me to do that!! :-)

So... other than that, my week has pretty much been work, sleep repeat. I'm considering hanging up a paper chain in my cubicle to count down the days until I am DONE but I stopped short lest I look like even more of a dork than I already am!! :-)

Hope you all are having good weeks I will be back after the 20th of April, I promise!!


Becky said...

I think your picture is gorgeous, and congrats again to Jake. Both of my parents are recovering addicts and I know how hard it is to make it through the first year. He's a tough cookie and I'm proud of him.


Anonymous said...

Wow you seem to really dislike Jake's Father...
Do you even know that your husband is completely drug free? I mean really know??
What reason did Jake's Father have for not being there?
More importantly ONLY GOD KNOWS THE TRUTH....

stella said...

Anonymous - WTF?

Jessica said...

Once again BIG WORDS for an anonymous person.
If you are going to say such things why don't you put your name on it?
I think it's rude to rain on this parade with factless hidden accusations.
That is all I am going to say about that because I don't think your comment should have any emphasis put on it.

Because we KNOW Jake is clean and has worked so hard to be at this place he is today; there is no where else we would have rather been than helping him celebrate. We are very proud of you Jake!!!

stella said...

Jake looks fantastic! Zack.... not so much. Been thinking about you. Glad to hear all is well. Not much longer now.

stella said...

Thank you Jess.

Heather said...

First and foremost I choose not to cloud over this wonderful post about how proud I am of Jake with your snide little comments. I did not say who was not there, therefore, by outing who it was you have also given away who you are.

I know that you seem to have a problem with me and you stalk my blog looking for anything that you can print off and take back to my FIL. Go for it. Print it off and run it right over there. Hell why not just e-mail it to him... it might be faster.

He knows how we feel. Jake talked to him last Thursday night. He knows that we don't agree with his decision to not show up to these things simply because my MIL is there. We talk to him, you need to stop trying to get in the middle of it and leave well enough alone.

I love my husband and I am SOOO proud of him for all that he has accomplished. He is a different person today than he was a year ago. He is a man that I respect and adore today and I look forward to many more happy years together!!

Heather said...

One more quick thing. I think you are confusing dislike of an action with dislike of a person.

As my mother used to say, I love you very much, I just don't like you right now.

I do not approve at all of the way my FIL is acting. I think it is very childish to not let go of somthing... FOUR years later.

However, I love my FIL very much. He is a great man and a great father and papa to Jake and Zack.

Sometimes it is possible to love someone very much and to just not like their actions. (As I did with Jake for several years.)

Maybe it is your own insecurity about your situation that makes you think that there is no difference and makes you try to drive rifts between family members.

OMH said...

Congrat's JAKE!!!!! Poor Zack! Hang in there HEATHER 16 days to go! We are waiting at the other end for all kinds of new updates!

(For some reason everytime my son got Broncitis it was followed by Pink Eye - I wonder if they are related?) Sometimes giving a child meddies to make him feel better is worse on parents than the sickness itself!

Anonymous said...

I am so proud of my brother! He looks fan-flippin-tastic!! I miss you guys and wish I could have been there! But you know that I am ALWAYS thing about you all!

And for Mrs. the words of my dad...GET REAL! Why do you have to start stuff with the family! NO we don't question Jake's sobriety! If you really knew Jake and the way he lived his life before you would see the differenece! He is a wonderful caring father and husband now! If he was still using he would look like hell and he would be antisocial! That he is not! And when I talked to my daddy he said that whoever is trying to start stuff he is going to confront them and bring it to an end! He is not happy with this comment at all! So BE STILL and live your life and leave Jake alone! He does not need people questioning his sobriety! WE ALL LOVE MY FATHER and nothing wrong was said and YES god only knows the truth! What are your real intentions! To turn our father against us...I am not trying to start a fight or ANYTHING but I want you to know that that comment hurt my feelings and I intend on sticking up for my BROTHER, my SISTER HEATHER, ZACK, and MY DADDY!!!

Anyway...Congrats Jake and I MISS YOU ALL! Lots of LOVE TO GO AROUND! xoxox Molly

Anonymous said...

I apoligize for any trouble my comment may have caused you and your family. I don't know you and you don't know me, hence thee anonymous and that will not change. I have followed your blog for a while now and it's not the first time you've reported that you feel he can't let go, it doesn't take a genious to figure out 1+1=2. Other's responding apparently know this too. I do empathize with you,our lives are very much alike in regaurds to our husbands and the obstacles that we as a family have to go through. My husband also has gone through treatment(s)
and I now know from experience and counsling that this disease is something the addict lives with all there life, and has many relapses along the way.Didn't you learn that in meetings? I to have had my husband give a UA(Knowing that he had used) and came to find out addicts also know how to show a clean UA. GNC's alone sell many OTC products intented just for this reason).

Heather said...

In the words of my husband, "if you say so. It's your world." I have a hit counter on this website that monitors how you get here, when you come and what you look at. Just a thought.

If you don't know me at all and are really interested in clearing the name of the person I'm certain is leaving these comments e-mail me at hamiltonfamilycircus[at]yahoo[dot]com. Just a one liner that says I'm your mystery commenter will be sufficient. Until then as you so brilliantly put it only God knows the truth. (God and my hit counter....)

Jessica said...

If anonymous is so CONCERNED about clearing the name of the people they unknowingly framed then why would they post anonymously AGAIN.

Hmmm...That's genious!

Anonymous - addicts may or may not be able to show a clean UA through magical pills sold at GNC. However - it's kind of hard for one to pass a test when they don't know they are having one until a minute prior. How do you know Jake hasn't had to do that unknowingly?
I can't believe I am giving you any validity by even saying such a thing but your parade raining ways are started to peave me.

Heather - don't even give this a second thought. It is absolutely absurd. You and I and anyone who knows Jake KNOWS what he is like on drugs and can clearly see this is not a man on drugs!! PERIOD!!

OMH said...

Okay can someone enlighten me PLEASE! Why would someone post a comment under anonymous - if they are already unknown? I'm thinking that it is strictly to hide their identity hmmmmm why would someone need to do that unless they are known? I know who it is - it's one of those fruitcakes that pay $1.99 to call into the phone survey's A: Agree, B: Disagree, C: Not sure and they pick C:.....