Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Did you Vote?

This morning we went to our local polling place and puppy did his civic duty and cast his vote!!

(Sorry for the bad picture quality, some nice guy stopped when I was taking Zack's picture and offered to take one of the both of us so I can't argue about quality when he was doing us a favor)

Just remember... no matter who you vote for the important thing is....




Tomorrow the political ads will all be gone and we can get back to our regularly scheduled programing!!!


Aunt Becky said...

Almost over now. Cannot wait.

kbreints said...

yeah!! Yes... I voted!!

Meghan said...

I am sooooo ready. It has gotten awfully heated at my house a few times lately. The older kids have been having fairly big groups of friends over to hangout and inevitably the conversation always turns to politics. Even though none of these kids is old enough to vote- it has been tense.

Jenn said...

Oh, thank God! With Omaha actually, maybe, being in play, and our dear neighbor Iowa across the river, it's non stop.