Friday, November 14, 2008


So this morning I got out of the shower. Dried off, draped my towel around my shoulders and headed upstairs to get dressed. The same as I have done every other day for the last 22 months of my son's life.

However this morning did NOT go as every other day has.

I made it to the kitchen and there he was standing there. He cocks his head to the side and says to me


I know what it appears that he's looking at... but he's only 22 months right?

What buddy?


So I wrap the towel fully around me and lean down to his level.

Dinky go?

What is he saying?

I think he's asking me if I'm stinky?

No.... I think he's asking something else....

He can't be, he's only 22 months.

So I stand up and he pulls my towel back and once again asks me

Where dinky go?

So that confirms it... my 22 month old has now discovered that mommy does not have a pen!s. Let the games begin.

Well, mommy is a girl and girls don't have a dinky. Just boys do like you and daddy.


Oh, for heaven's sake... I am in way over my head here!! Aren't I supposed to have at least until three to think of a good answer for this??

After I stopped laughing I quickly went upstairs and got dressed then I took the opportunity to teach him the appropriate name for his dinky. (We think he calls it that because we ask him if he is stinky when we change him.)

So, to anyone who's child is going to hang out with mine... that word he may teach them... yeah... so sorry about that!!


kbreints said...

Maybe I have to rethink our play date this weekend!

Jessica said...

At 6:30am Heather felt the need to share this cute story with me to which my delirious morning response was....

"Well you better hope he doesn't see someone like Molls naked or he will be asking you where your TaTa's went too!"

kbreints said...

haha JESS!!! LMAO!!!!

Aunt Becky said...

Oh, yes. I remember those days well. I'll be hitting them again soon.

Lynanne said...

He's a sharp kid. :) My son didn't notice until he was almost 3. He wondered very loudly why I had a "furry penis?" We had stopped to use the Hy-Vee restroom in Newton, Iowa. Such a nice, small town. The nice, elderly lady in the stall beside me overheard and started chuckling. To top it off, her husband was outside the restroom chatting with my husband. At a very unhurried, Midwestern, small-town, pace. I don't know how I managed to escape. Other than the couple was very elderly. :)

Lindsey said...

Wow what a smart little booger. X noticed around 2.5 years. Apparently mine fell off. I was peeing and he came in and stopped looked at me and I knew it was coming. MAMA! Your DING a DING is GONE!

stella said...

Jessica!!! That's the funniest thing I've heard in a long time!!!