Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Happy Birthday Molly!!

Yesterday was my SIL Molly's birthday. Those who know me well know that I am NOTORIOUS for forgetting these occasions. And even if I do remember it is usually half way through the day, much to late to get any sort of regular birthday card in the mail.

In fact, if you have gotten a card from me chances are you either A) received it late or B) I delivered in in person, there by assuring that I probably picked it up on the way to your house.

But this time... this time I vowed to be different. This time I went out last Tuesday and I bought Molly not one but two ADORABLY cute birthday cards.

See... I have proof...
And where are those wonderful birthday cards you might ask? In the hands of Molly all the way in Alaska where she is smiling just looking at them. Of course not. No, they are somewhere in the back seat of my car waiting to be mailed.

Hey at least I BOUGHT the cards early this time. Next step... getting them in the MAIL....
We love you Molly!! We hope you had a wonderful birthday despite your obvious lack of cards from us slackers here in Iowa. They will be on their way to you before Christmas... I promise!! :-)


Anonymous said...

Aww! Well just that I was thought of is good enough for me! But Thanks for the cards and I will let you know when I get them...don't worry your not the only one who didn't get one sent out! But it was a good day! I got all my Christmas shopping done and also did some Birthday shopping for myself! YAY!! But I love you guys too and I will call you all on Thanksgiving!! Molly

Amanda said...

At least you eventually send yours out. I still have a birthday card I bought for my dad about 3 years ago.

Hmmm...it's still a funny card. And his birthday is 4 weeks away...I wonder where I put it?

;) lol

stella said...

Glad to hear Molls had a good day. I'm notorious for sending my Christmas cards out the day after Christmas. Hey, better late than never, I always say. => (hint to Heather: I hope you won't be late with the family pictures you just had taken. Can't wait for mine!!)
Love y'all!!

Jessica said...
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Jessica said...

HEY speak for yourself as a slacker from Iowa.
I had my card bought LAST month (my husband and I buy all our next months cards at the end of the previous month - and yes - together!). I sent my card out on what should have been enough time for her to get it. If she didn't get it in time I blame the postal service or the postal barge...however the mail gets to her. Here the mail comes by covered buggy.

Happy Birthday Molls!
Love you bunches!

PS: I did give your mom a big old smack on the @$$ and a kiss for you! :)

kbreints said...

I am a total card slacker-- I used to be so good too!! That was before the kids took my brains away! (oh yeah, and I worked at a hallmark store!)