Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Big 3 Oh My.....

Happy Birthday to you!!

Happy Birthday to you!!

Happy Birthday Miss Jessica!!

Happy Birthday to you!!

To day Miss Jessica has a milestone birthday. I won't tell you which one... I'll let you guess. :-)

There are no words to tell you what her friendship has meant to me. When things in my life have been falling apart she has always been there to pick me up. She was the one I could call when my house looked worse than the inside of a barn and know she would come over and instead of judging me, just roll up her sleeves and get to work. (I'm pretty sure she sanitized everything she was wearing after that first trip.)

She was the one who encouraged me to do things just for me. To try to be happy. That life was too short to be miserable.

She was the one who knew me well enough to know that even though I was TERRIFIED to get on that motorcycle I would love it once I was on it. (The para sailing thing in a week is still debatable. Do you hear me?? Debatable.....)

She was the one who came over and rearranged my entire house. When people ask me if I have a decorator I tell them no I don't, I have a Jessica. :-)

She is my dinner and a movie buddy and the someone I know I can always call when things are good or bad and she will be there for me.

Happy Birthday dear friend!! I hope it is a fantastic day!!


kbreints said...

That was SO sweet!! Happy birthday Jess!! We love you!!

Jessica said...

Okay are you and Katie trying to make me cry. I am 30 you know....its a very emotional day as it is and you both aren't making it any easier!

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!

You have put up with quite the long list from me to but no matter what we always get thru it.

I heard once not so long ago someone say:

A friend will say "Oh that's nice good luck with that" BUT a best friend will tell you what they really think regardless. And even when it causes tension at least you know they care more than a "good luck with that".

When I heard that it reminded me of our friendship!

You and Katie are the BEST! I am not sure how I get to be so lucky!