Thursday, September 24, 2009

Happy Birthday


Connie said...

How precious....and he just might be our next great Country Western singing star...think I heard a 'twang' in there!

Anonymous said...

That was so cute. He is growing up so fast.
Aunt Sue

Jessica said...

That is one of the sweetest most adorable Happy Birthday's I have ever heard in my whole long long long life! :)
I got that last night and my heart melted!
He was so serious, and geniune and then so proud of hims little self!

I love him....Thanks my precious little spikey!

kbreints said...

OH MY GOD. That is just DARLING.

Anonymous said...

SO CUTE! He sounds british!! VERY CUTE! Hope he makes a Birthday song for my birthday! Love you guys!

Anonymous said...

I've always cared about you and your lil man. I've always cared very much about the things you feel and write. I try to show it when I comment, those things I feel. This lil post has just wrapped my heart up in melty, cute lil boy love. My lil boy is 10, and another is 19. Heather, I hope you exquisitely enjoy this stage of him, because before long they are looking down at you, asking what you're gonna make for dinner to fill their perpetually empty tummies after school and sports. I just wanna scoop him up and give him a squishy hug! Beautiful. Beautiful lil family of 2.