Monday, September 07, 2009


I have been hearing the same thing come out of people's mouths lately:

You look different. What has changed? You look happier.

I was asked this on Friday and again tonight and have been asked it several times in the past few weeks so tonight I went and looked back.

I was wondering, did I look that bad back then?
I can tell you that until I looked at the pictures I would have told you people were crazy. Then I looked. On my face I see stress and tired. My face is smiling but my eyes are not.

Then I pulled out this picture that was taken at the fair this year and I realized that it's not really that I looked that bad back then. It's just that I'm looking much better now.
Either way... I'm glad that I look happy.

I feel happy.


kbreints said...

It is in the eyes. For sure. And... I think that it is more then what can be captured in pictures. It is the way that you carry yourself, they way that you are comfortable in your skin...Not always watching over you back and waiting for the next shoe to drop.

It is like 200 lbs have been lifted from your shoulders ;)

Alan_Courtney said...

I think anyone would be lookin great after they lost 200 pounds of dead weight! I think you're taking better care of yourself physically and emotionally.

Jessica said...

I won't disagree with the 200lb weight loss but....I will say that it's you. You seem happier, you seem healthier, you glow, you say things I have waited to hear you say for years, you are in a better place within yourself.

It is not something a photo can capture. Its something you can only experience in person.

I LOVE my new friend!

Krista said...

This post makes me very happy for you!! Yay Heather!!!