Monday, July 02, 2007

Toaster Oven

See I had all kinds of catchy titles for this post like

My new toy


Fun with Food

And then I thought about my reading audience and I realized what kinds of comments I would get. :-) So... there you go, short simple and to the point.
Anyhow... I got home from work on Thursday night and this is what was waiting for me...

In my entire 27 years of life I have NEVER owned a toaster oven. I was talking with my mom on Wednesday night about something I was cooking for myself and she just mentioned that for a single serving size wouldn't it be nice to have a toaster oven to heat it in instead of having to heat up the entire oven.

Then we both sat there and pondered that because neither of us has ever had a toaster oven.

So, she decided that I get to be the guinea pig and try it out and if I like it she may get one for her self. The first thing I noticed was that there is a picture of a chicken on the side of the box. A CHICKEN people!!

I can rotisserie a chicken in my handy dandy new toaster oven. You have NO idea how happy that makes me. (Sonya... where are my chickens already??) If I would not have been SOO starving I would have packed Zack back up into the car and gone to the store and bought a chicken to rotisserie.

However, since on that particular day I skipped lunch I had NO intention of waiting for chicken to cook. So I used my other handy dandy kitchen appliance instead.

LOVE this thing too...

So my most important question to you all.... exactly how long does it take to cook a chicken?? (Can you tell I LOVE me some chicken??) Oh and also, what other nifty items can I cook in this handy dandy new toaster oven of mine??


Kbreints said...

You are so funny! Now that you have a toaster oven... you can joint the rest of the human race.

We have one, but NEVER use it anymore. You my friend have the most kitchen gadjets I have ever seen in oner person's kitchen. Your next post should be about all of those... you know the ones that I am talking about-- the ones collecting dust under your cabinet!

Laura said...

Lol, good thinking on the title...

I only ever use my toaster oven for toast and open-faced tuna melts and similar sandwiches. But I really, REALLY prefer toast in the toaster oven to toast in one of those toasters that have places for individual bread slices. So, yeah. That's my two cents!!

Shane and Jessica Olson said...

Great....Thanks "mom"...What did I ever do to you? One more thing...gaget...dust magnet...crumb corner...I have to find a home for. :) - LOL

I must be my own species because I have not joined the toaster oven human race yet either. I have several of those gagets too and I keep going back to my oven, microwave, and grill. Boring I know!

Very nice gift though I would say! Did I mention where I live? You could drop gifts off have to drive right by my house on the way to Heathers. Speaking of gifts...ADORABLE frog! THANK YOU!!!!! In Heather speak...I love me some frogs! :)

Anonymous said...

Oh toaster ovens are so convenient! I LOVE mine!
I use it for so much stuff, baked potatoes, hot pockets, pizza rolls, chichken patties, french fries (and making cheese fries by melting cheese on french fries) tator tots... pretty much any frozen convenience food or anything you cook just for one you can cook in a toaster oven. It's faster and more energy efficient than heating the whole oven just for a couple minutes cooking time! You can get different pans for it too, so you have the wire rack for like toast, you have the metal flat pan for like pizza rolls or french fries, but you can also get a little bit of a deeper pan so you can so something fancy like chicken parmesan. Just boil spaghetti noodles like normal, make a chicken patty in the toaster oven, the pour over some spaghetti sauce and heat that in the toaster oven. Put the patty/sauce over your noodles and TADA!!! Easy chicken parmesan! YUM!!! The possibilites are endless!

Tink said...

I'd never had a toaster oven either until Hoop and I were without a stove. I think the one we got was defective though. It never fully cooked anything. We stuck some chicken strips in and the outside burned while the inside was completely cold. I hope it works wonders for you though! Enjoy the chicken. :)

Mamalujo said...

I think this is my first comment on your blog, so you won't be familiar with my strange sense of humor. Hope I don't get banned.

I noticed the Tweety Bird peeking over the top of the box in the picture, and also that you have a Tweety Bird as your avatar in the Profile.

So, with my twisted sense of humor, I'm thinking that a roasted Tweety Bird would be fine! Or wait! How about a guinea pig! That way YOU can not only be the guinea pig as far as owning the toaster oven, you can also USE it to cook a guinea pig! It's perfect.

I kill myself.

But, I really do like following your blog, rooting for you and Jake and Zack. I'm amazed at your strength and optimism. We need more like you.

Connie said... girls think their aunt is a better Mom than, yes, I bought them each a toaster oven. Oh, the pressure. Baked, so far, chocolate chip cookies, brownies and a chicken. What a Wt. Watchers nightmare. NO, I will NOT buy one for myself...too much pressure to cook if I had one!

Anonymous said...

Reheating pizza is SOOOO much better in the toaster oven than in the microwave. It gets all soggy in the microwave but stays crispy in the toaster oven. Enjoy!

-cousin Laura