Friday, December 28, 2007

Growing Up

Today is Zack's last day in the baby room. We officially got "the note" last night that told us that on Monday he would be moving up to the one year old room.






I am SOOO not ready for this!!

It almost makes me want to cry. He loves the teachers in his room and he gets so excited when we get to daycare because he knows he is going to play. I really hope that he enjoys his new room just as much as his old room.

His girlfriend is in there. (She was always kissing him when she was in his room.) And on the 7th his best friend will also be moving into that room so hopefully we will not have any "downer" days. I really don't think I could handle tax season AND a bout of separation anxiety!!

I fear my little heart would just not be strong enough and I might be forced to do something dumb like blow off my job and then you all could come visit me in the van that we would be living in down by the river!! :-)


Kbreints said...

Zack will be fine. He will not miss a beat I am sure.

Heather said...

I'm sure he'll be fine. What about me?? **sniff** **sniff**

darkship said...

you'll make it...i did!

Erin said...

I remember how hard that was! He will be fine, without a doubt. You'll walk in and wonder "Who are all these children walking about and talking?!" For weeks.

By the way, I missed posting but happy birthday to Jake and I hope you had a great Christmas!