Monday, December 03, 2007


Yesterday I went shopping with my mom. On our way home we stopped by the pasture down the road from me to feed the horses. As I stepped out of he vehicle I slid a few inches and commented to her wow... it's kind of slick I better make sure I don't fall.

Then, according to my mom, I took two steps and promptly disappeared out of site. I don't remember how I fell, I just know it hurt and I have the bruises to prove it. My left hip, leg and arm are all telling me today that I should be more careful on the ice.

As I laid there trying to assess whether I was alive or not I kept wondering why my mom didn't get out of the vehicle. Her answer, it was cold out there and she was just hoping I would get up on my own. When I didn't get right up she rolled down the window to ask if I was ok through her laughter.

Gee thanks mom!! Love you too!!


darkship said...

Just remember Your mom loves you.... even when you look like a fool!!!! tell her I said HI!!


Jessica said...

OMG - That is freakin hilarious! I can only imagine if I had been with you. We would have peed our pants.
Now...where are the pictures? I want the proof! :)

Kbreints said...

I love your mom... I can see the whole thing play out in my head--Makes me laugh too!