Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Merry F***ing Christmas

I'm using a phrase my father used last night. Of course he was referring to something my mother and him did the night before which made me stick my fingers in my ears and go la la la.... but that's not the point....... (Yeah... my parents share WAY too much!!)

Anyhow the point is, love my family, love Jake's family, glad it's over!! There never fails to be a certain amount of drama when you pack that many relatives into that short of a time period. People are stressed, they have gotten very little sleep and there are invariably underlying issues that may have been something you said to so and so at someone else's wedding 2 years ago that tend to cause some tension.

So... how did your holiday go? Smooth sailing or glad it's over??


Kbreints said...

Oh I am glad that it is over-- not that much drama-- but glad that there is a year between yesterday and the next time!

todd said...

I've been listening to people at work complain about how bad their Christmas was.... I don't get it!! I had a good Christmas, I spent the day at my mom and dad's with my son and another family friend. We ate played games opened presents, and watched a movie. We talk to family that is out of state, no big drama or anything. Sure I wish I had someone of my own to spend it with (which made me drink a couple of beers by myself later that nite) but all in all not a bad day. and as a bigger plus I found out I'm gonna be an uncle this summer!!!!

Anonymous said...


Becky said...

Glad as hell it's over.

It was wonderful, and now it's done and instead of being let down, I am elated.