Thursday, July 28, 2005

Belly Laughs

Yesterday I read a book by Jenny McCarthy called Belly Laughs. The book is advertised as the naked truth about pregnancy and childbirth. As most of you know, my sister-in-law is pregnant. As I was asking her questions about her pregnancy she mentioned that I should just read this book.

So, I purchased this book, along with her other book, Baby Laughs, the naked truth about the first year of mommyhood off of First of all, I must say I was VERY disappointed. Molly is 21 and has a totally different view of the world than I do, so I suppose I should have expected that what she finds phenomenal, I might not enjoy as much.

Now, don't get me wrong. There are some mildly amusing parts to this book. Like when she explains how her husband voiced his "concerns" about sex after the baby. He didn't want it to be "like throwing a hot dog down a hallway." Yes, I laughed at that. But in great part the book is filled with two page chapters about various parts of pregnancy and her experience. They do not seem to flow together in any order and over all, I didn't really learn ANYTHING I didn't already know.

Some of you who know me, and know Molly, are reading this thinking what did you expect? You and Molly are NOTHING alike. And now, having read this, I know it's true. I hate to be stereotypical but this book reads exactly like I would expect it to, knowing who Jenny McCarthy is and what she has done for a career for the vast majority of her life.

I guess my main point is, if someone tells you to read this book, please, don't go out and buy it. I read the entire thing in one day and would not at all be sad to part with it. You can have mine!!


kreints said...

I do not think that there is anything that you could learn about being pregnant now - until you are yourself... you have educated yourself far more than any other person EVER.... Everything now that you will hear - or read will be comparison about their own pregnancy and childbirth-- and no two are the same... so from here on out I think that you are ready to go already-- get pregnant !!! :)