Monday, July 18, 2005

Jeep for sale??

Lately I have been contemplating selling my jeep. The problem I'm running into though is that I like my jeep. If I were to sell it I would want to replace it with another jeep. I've been digging through used car sections of the dealers websites and have yet to find a suitable replacement. The ones I like, even the ones that are 4 years older are not THAT much less expensive. It seems like a lot of hassle to trade it in and only save $50 per month, not to mention extend my payments another 12 months!!

Ah, the great learning experiences of life. If I could go back and get my old jeep I would. It was a 2002, there was NOTHING wrong with it... and best of all... it would have been paid off it February of 2007. Now I'm stuck with a Jeep that will not be paid off until August of 2009. Next time you all hear me saying, man I think I might get a new vehicle... please smack me. I give you permission!!

For now, I guess I am just stuck with the one I have. With the Iowa winter road conditions I'm not willing to trade down to a car (especially since we have a tendency not to plow our driveway unless there is at least 5 inches of snow). I don't like the old body style of the jeep so that leaves me with 1999 or newer or switching to a different type of SUV. Is there any type of SUV that is better? I have been incredibly happy with all of our jeeps and hate to get something else and be disappointed.

Wouldn't it be nice if we could just rewind our lives and give ourselves a good smack every once in awhile? Hey idiot... don't do that... you will regret it later!!


kreints said...

oh yes, I can think of a few instances where a "rewind" button woul dbe most effective!!