Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Chocolate IV

Do you think I could invent such a thing? I could just hook myself up and infuse my blood with chocolate goodness. Of course I don't think there is enough chocolate in the WORLD to make me feel better today. Flo is trotting down the block singing her marry tune and I am not at all ready to welcome her in!!

Everything today is just grating on me. I need an office where I can just go in and close the door!! As it is every time someone merrily walks past me I just want to turn around and rip their head off. Can't you walk SOMEWHERE ELSE?? Do you REALLY need to go down this particular hallway for the 10th time today?? Huh? Do you?

Any minute now my head may begin to spin around wildly and my eyes may begin flashing green!! So I am apologizing in advance to anyone whose head I may rip off and flail across the room! Excuse me now... I have to go find more chocolate.