Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Guard Dog

Halt!! Who Goes There??
This is Squeak. I know, she doesn't look like a dog, think of her as a smaller bread. Please don't break her heart and tell her she is not a dog. When we are outside, she follows us EVERYWHERE. Then, every night she lays on the back step and guards the house.

Last night we were awakened to what sounded like our entire front yard blowing up. At exactly 3:38 am I sat straight up in bed and to the sound of boom, boom, boom, boom!! We had our blinds drawn but could see flashes of light through the shade. I didn't know if someone was shooting at the house or if the transformer had blown up.

Jake, Jake... someone is outside!! He jumped up and opened the blinds only to see nothing. At this point I thought maybe I had imagined it. Maybe it was a highly vivid dream. About that time, it happened again, a little further down the road. Apparently some kids (I'm assuming kids but for all I know it was some drunk adults, or just really immature adults) decided that it would be really fun to light some Black Cats and throw them out the car window as they drove by.

We were not NEARLY as amused as they were!! Of course Jake says to me, should we chase them down? Yeah hunny, that's just what I want to do at 3:38 in the morning. Did I mention it was THREE freaking THIRTY EIGHT in the morning!! Since I was up I decided to go downstairs and use the facilities.

At the bottom of the stairs I looked out the window onto the back porch, and there was Squeak, lying on the porch staring out towards the back door. She was perfectly poised, perfectly awake and didn't appear to be frightened in any way. She was just lying there, guarding her family from the attack of the firework kids.