Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Christmas Cards

Ok, who's freaking idea was it to send out 100 Christmas Cards?? And not only to send them out but to hand write a nice note to people I don't see much or who don't read this blog and also to hand address the envelopes??

DAMN!! I don't hand write things. I'm a wienie and my arm hurts damn it. I'm a typer not a writer!!

Last year someone told me if I was going to print out a Christmas letter and print out the envelopes than I might as well not send them out at all because I wasn't doing anything personal. I'm not sure I believe this... but some part of me must have because I'm doing them the old fashioned way this year.

The letters are, of course, still printed but the envelopes are hand addressed and there are personal messages in several of them. Except you... if you're reading here and you're getting a card for me chances are I said to myself, ahh... they'll understand.

Because seriously, I can only write so much!!

Next year I'm re-thinking the printing envelopes thing again!! :-)


kbreints said...

lol... me too... I hand wrote mine this year too... so funny.

DD said...

I have all my addresses in a spreadsheet and then do a mail merge to labels. Printing each envelope is a PIA.

THEN I do write something personal inside.

A happy compromise.

Jessica said...

I appreciate a hand written envelope.

I think it is sad when I don't know what my best friends handwriting looks like. I enjoy it!

There was no personal note on mine though! I feel kind of jipped there! :)

kbreints said...

You don't know what her handwriting looks like? I know what it looks like... you are not missing much...hehe...;)

Amanda said...

Oh my....i hand addressed everything, but no hand written notes...just a picture card :)

OMH said...

We print labels - include a printed "letter" and then sign Merry Christmas and our names (signed by our hubby) on the cards......sometimes we write personal notes in the card.

People are just so shocked to receive one from us that they do not care if it is handwritten or has been so long since we sent them out (we have bought them and they are still in the box from 2 years ago, from last year (a different card) and then this year in October I found Matching letterhead - cards and envelopes bought them all and they are also still in the box.....Yes I will be glad to accept the LOSER of the year award - graciously!