Monday, December 01, 2008

Say What?

Me: Hello, I would like to change my credit card limit to $300

Clueless Rep #1 (CR1): Of course Ma'am. I can see if you are eligible for a limit increase.

Me: No, actually I want to decrease my limit.

{Silence... wondering if I've been disconnected...}

CR1: You want to decrease your limit?

Me: Yes.

CR1: Well... let me see what I can do for you.

{Little hold music...}

CR1: Well, it's telling me that I can't decrease your credit limit because your cash limit is at $700.

Me: Then lower my cash limit

CR1: Well Ma'am I'm not sure I can do that. Let me just try one more thing here, I'm going to run it through a different way.


CR1: Nope, it's not allowing me to change it because your cash limit is higher than what you want your credit limit to be.

Me: Than LOWER my cash limit.

CR1: Well, I don't think I can do that. See your cash limit is set in the computer...... {I think I tuned him out at this point...}

Me: Let me talk to your manager

CR1: Well I put it in the computer like you wanted but it's telling me that I can't lower your limit because your cash limit is $700. It won't let me lower your cash limit. Are you sure you still want to talk to my manager?

Me: Let me talk to your manager....

CR2: Hi this is so and so, I hear you are having a little trouble adjusting the limit on your credit card?

Me: Yes, I want to lower the credit limit on my card but the guy was telling me he can't do that because the cash limit would be higher than the credit limit. So I told him to lower the cash limit but he didn't think he could.

CR2: Well, can I ask why you would want to lower your credit limit

Me: {Well actually no... you can't... what flipping difference does it make??} Um because the holiday season is coming up and we want to make sure that we don't go over our budget so I wanted to limit lowered so we know we can pay it off in one month.

CR2: Well, I'm looking at your account right now and I don't think that will be a problem. You have an excellent record of paying your bill.

Me: {Through clenched teeth.} I still want to lower my credit limit.

CR2: Ok, well I can't do that here so let me see if I can transfer you to someone who can help you with that.

CR3: Hi this is So and so, you would like to lower your credit limit?

{I go into spiel about lowering limit and them telling me they can't lower limit because cash advance limit is higher and me telling them to lower cash advance limit and them not sure they can do that, etc. etc.}

CR3: Ok, I'm going to try something here that usually works for this type of thing. I must tell you that once I do this it will be permanent. You can't decide tomorrow you want it back up.

Me: {Ya think so?? DUH!! Why would I go to all this trouble if I didn't know that} Of course, I'm aware of that.

CR3: Alright, I've put the information into the computer. This usually works and so you should see this reflected on your billing statement in the next month or two.

{Usually works?? Really... USUALLY??}

Me: Ok thank you very much.

CR3: Is there anything else I can help you with?

Me: No, you've been more than helpful... thank you.


kbreints said...

oh yes, they will do ANYTHING to try to keep you from doing that... they WANT you to spend money...

Congrats though... good move!

Anonymous said...

Oh they can do it. It's not hard at all!