Wednesday, December 10, 2008

I Maked It..

Last night when I picked Zack up from daycare I grabbed his daily coloring project, went in to pick him up and started loading him in the car. Same routine as we always do.

Before I put him in his car seat I always set his art projects on the back seat. Last night he saw it and said:

"I maked that..."

Nothing unusual. Usually when he sees his things he will tell me he maked it or he colored it...

"I maked that for Jessica...."

Wait... what?? Now this was different....

"Puppy all clean...."

On Monday night Miss Jessica gave puppy a swim in her washing machine to get him all clean and apparently yesterday Zack colored her a picture to thank her.

So we promptly headed right over there to give her the first picture he has EVER colored for anyone.

Jess, you should feel very lucky. This is the first time he has ever told me that he wanted to give a picture to someone. I think Zack and Puppy are very thankful for your efforts.

"Puppy no stinky no more...."


Jessica said...

I am so sad that I wasn't there! I would have jumped up and down for him and his picture!

Puppy sth-mell goooood!

Spike was a big boy, he dropped puppy right into the big bubble bath. No tears, no nothin!

kbreints said...

How sweet!

stella said...


I could use some Zack art work on my fridge. (hint, hint)

Amanda said...

Awwww! How sweet!

OMH said...

That is so sweet and what a lovely picture it was anyway. I'm really hoping we are talking about his stuffed puppy (that I have seen in previous blogs) and not a real dog because Ms Jessica should know a washing machine is no place for a dog. Hehehe!