Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Six of One, Half Dozen of Another

Today it was supposed to snow. Blizzard actually. So last night as I was filling up my car and watching all of the people fill up their SUV's I was thinking to myself, Self... perhaps this car thing was not one of your wiser moves. How exactly do you expect to get out of your driveway if there is 6 inches of snow??

And then the pump clicked, signaling me that it was done filling up my car, from empty. Actually a lot past empty and and what to my wondering eyes did appear?

And that... that made it all worth while.

Besides, it didn't blizzard. We got a thin layer of ice and only an inch or two so other than having to get a running start at it... I made it out of the driveway just fine.


Anonymous said...

Yeah we are still paying $2.70 pg!! IT sucks!! And the Alaskan pipeline runs right through base!! Go figure! Anyway...I guess that's Alaska for ya!!

kbreints said...

I was thinking of you this morning... you first winter in a car... you will make it!

Anonymous said...

My SUV only takes about $30 to fill nowadays... The Car is always less than $20. We were thinking about going all cars, but we only found 1 that had 4 wheel drive and frankly not worth it. One of us has to take the car every day regardless, I just feel a lot safer driving my kids to daycare in a 4 wheel drive monster on days like today so that when other drivers start sliding at me sideways, I know I have a better chance of getting where I need to go safely!

stella said...

The gas station where I fill up had gas at $1.39 this morning. I'm so glad they dropped. Now I have a little more breathing room in my budget to pay the extra for groceries. Why aren't those going down now that gas is down?
Molly, sorry to hear that pain at the pump. I guess Alaskans figure they get the money back when they get their state rebate from the oil companies at the end of the year. Probably doesn't help you much though.