Monday, December 15, 2008

It's F%$#ing Cold!!!

Right now the thermometer in my computer toolbar reads -2. According to the weather man the windchill is somewhere around -30 which, I'm pretty sure, is exactly the temperature in my bathroom.

No really, I'm not making this up. We live in a 100 year old house. Well actually 110 years old if you want to be specific, but who's keeping track? Our bathroom was an afterthought.

See, there's that nice square house and then sticking out the back there... yeah that addition is our back porch and our bathroom.

Our UNINSULATED back porch and bathroom. (Oh did I forget to mention that little detail??) When we resided our house (sorry these were the only pictures I could find in a hurry) we wrapped the whole house with that micro board that they put under siding that is supposed to provide some insulation but let me tell you, it's not much.

If it is cold outside it is cold in our bathroom. If it is windy and cold our bathroom turns into Antarctica. Imagine stepping outside in the cold, stripping naked and then jumping into a porcelain tub. Yeah, that was pretty much my morning.

When I got into the shower this morning my foam bathmat crunched under my feet. I'm pretty sure that means it was frozen solid and I don't know about you, but I'm not sure frozen and in the house (not in a freezer) are supposed to go together.

It's like the thrill of running from the house in the snow to jump into a hot tub, only without the hot tub, and really, without the thrill. :0

For now, we just close the bathroom door in the hopes of containing most of the frozen tundra in that one room for now. On the upside we will never run out of places to store the frozen food!!


kbreints said...

So it should steam up pretty easy when you take a hot shower!! You need a heated toilet seat!

Jennifer B. said...

Heather - I grew up in a Victorian farm house in Norwalk so I know ALL about what you are saying! We didn't actually have heat in our house - we had a floor furnace which was about 4'x5' and it was supposed to heat the entire house. There was a little grate in the ceiling of the room with the floor furnace that opened into my bedroom and because HEAT RISES (so they say) it was supposed to magically heat the entire upstairs (even though the only warm place in the entire house was if you actually sat ON TOP of the floor furnace - which resulted in waffle marks being burned into the bottom of your shoes and sometimes your feet if you were brave! The dog's water used to freeze in our kitchen at night and my bedroom didn't have carpet - it was some kind of old fashioned linoleum. We walked around in hats and getting out of bed was something to dread!! Needless to say, though, I still find I have to sleep in a cold bedroom to be comfortable. My parents did install an electric heater in the wall in our bathroom (which was an addition very similar to yours) that helped a lot.