Monday, March 30, 2009

Driving Me to Drink

What's that mommy??

It's a chair.


Because it is.


Because that's what it is...


Because it is a chair... I don't know why. It just is....


Oh for the love of.....

I do not drink. I made a decision about 7 years ago not to do so and up until this point I have never questioned or regretted this decision.

Last night I made a phone call to my sister.... after bed time (Ahhh... sweet glorious thing that is bedtime...).

Here is my parenting advice to you... accumulate copious amounts of alcohol before he turns two. You might need it!!


OMH said...

My DH would answer the kids with a this long drawn out (half made up) explanations and they stopped asking him "WHY" out of self defense. My answer were that is the name someone named it and I have no idea why. Which would lead to even more why why why why questions. Now aren't you glad you spent all that time teaching him to speak! I promise they out grow this stage fairly soon.....but cannot promise it will be before you lose your MIND!

Jennifer B said...

My answer was, "I don't know why do YOU think it's called a chair?" He might not be quite old enough to answer but once they are the answers are hilarious!

kbreints said...

oh yes, turn the question around on him!

darkship said...

HA! I do likekthe idea of turning the question too!

Jessica said...

I tried that when I was there with him and he "W-H-Y-A" 'd right over my.

Good Luck with that Heather!