Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Wordless Wednesday: Grandpa

I believe the phrase was, "No gamma... gampa's turn!!"


Lindsey said...

Sweet, makes me sad at the same time that my kids don't have this with either one of my dads. They are too busy in their own lives.

Whitney T said...

Yah. When we have kids, they won't have a grandpa either, and thats sucky. My husbands dad is worthless, and well, I don't have a dad.
Take lots a pictures, and enjoy all these moments.

kbreints said...

oh I love it! So very sweet! Your dad just light up when he is with zack too... you can tell he is a natural grandpa and LOVES IT!

Jessica said...

Zack looks so at ease and comfortable and loved in Grandpa's arms.
It's a wonderful bond for him to have!