Thursday, March 19, 2009

Moving Forward

Much as we would like, we cannot bring everyone with us on this journey called recovery. We are not being disloyal by allowing ourselves to move forward. We don't have to wait for those we love to decide to change as well.

Sometimes we need to give ourselves permission to grow, even though the people we love are not ready to change. We may even need to leave people behind in their dysfunction or suffering because we cannot recover for them. We don't need to suffer with them.

It doesn't help.

It doesn't help for us to stay stuck just because someone we love is stuck. The potential for helping others is far greater when we detach, work on ourselves, and stop trying to force others to change with us.

Changing ourselves, allowing ourselves to grow while others seek their own path, is how we have the most beneficial impact on people we love. We're accountable for ourselves. They're accountable for themselves. We let them go, and let ourselves grow.

Today, I will affirm that it is my right to grow and change, even though someone I love may not be growing and changing alongside me.

- The Language of Letting Go
Melody Beattie


kbreints said...

As you already know, I am always thinking about you and Zack and how difficult a time this is for you two.

This is a perfect post for what you should be feeling, and I am glad that you are re-affirming this to yourself although I am sure that it is a struggle to feel this way every moment of the day.

You are getting to a better place every day that you continue on this journey!

Jennifer B said...

I love it!!! I am printing it to put my desk!