Wednesday, October 10, 2007


As most of you know, on Friday my son will be nine months old. Over the last nine months there have been times when I have seriously questioned his development. He didn't roll over until he was 5 or 6 months old and he didn't crawl until just last week. (Not really even a real crawl, and army crawl.)

He has instead preferred to work on his fine motor skills. He will sit and stare at the wheel on the bottom of his Winnie the Pooh toy as he spins it with his finger. He will stare at his toys with the concentration of a scientist examining cells under a microscope. He can grab Cheerios like a pro and knows exactly where those go. (Take that Miss he might be delayed nurse!!)

So, for nine months I have been telling myself that perhaps he will be the intelligent type. The guy who examines all the options before he picks one. Then this morning he crawls over to the hardwood floor, grabs his plastic telephone and begins banging it against the hardwood in an effort to make as much noise as possible. (Ok... so maybe he's the strong silent type??)

As he's banging out of his mouth pops Uh-oh. Jake looks at me... I look at him. Did he just say something? Something that really means something? So we ask him. Zack can you say Uh-oh?


Can you say Da Da?

Blank Stare.

Can you say Ma Ma?

Blank Stare

Can you say Uh-oh?


So there you have it. For nine months I have waited on the edge of my seat certain that my brilliant child is just waiting to surprise me with something like super-cala-fragil-istic-expialidocious and instead I get uh-oh.

Perhaps tonight we shall work on uh-oh that algorithm that I have been working at so diligently doesn't seem to be working the way I planned.

Perhaps I need to wait for 12 months for that one.


Kbreints said...

Kids do things in there own time. Now time frame but their own. hwney did not crawl until Sam's age... did not walk until 15 months. He is now running. He spoke "Chinese" for quite some time.... now he asks way to man questions...

All in due time. Congrats on the Uh'Oh!

Todd said...

Gotta agree..... We took Sean to be tested for his hearing because he wasn't talking. He was fine and now he won't shut-up!! He was over a year old before he really started talking. But it sure is fun trying to get them to say what you want huh???

lonna said...

Many of the families I know had uh-oh as a first word. The fact that it is at 9 months is great. We didn't get mama or dada until our son had been talking for months. Also, some kids do focus on improving one set of skills and the others are a little behind. Sounds like life is going to get even a little bit more interesting at your house:)

Lynanne said...

My oldest son's first word was the name of our cat. My middle son's was "ball" Mama and dada came later. Ouch! :)

The one redeeming factor - my kids learned "dada" for the grins but said "mama" when they really needed someone.

Anonymous said...

I am sure Ma Ma will be soon to follow!

OldMotherHubbardSharesAll said...

Let me tell you from the opposite side of raising not spend too much time teaching them to Walk & Talk because you will spend 100 times more energy telling them to Sit Still & Be Quiet!

Uh-Oh is a good first grandson's was Shit! OOOOPSS! My most frustrating thing with the kids is they said DaDa long before Momma - I think it's because I talked to them about Daddy being at work & Daddy's home "here go see Daddy" and he talked to me about "Take them now..they stink" or whatever but he addressed me where I addressed the kids and called him by name.

Tink said...

My brothers first word was "Pooooo." :D