Friday, October 03, 2008

Job Interview

Well, things are starting slowly. VERY. SLOWLY....

We (Jake has limited computer skills so I have been doing the e-mailing) have submitted his resume to about 5 - 6 places but only one place has contacted him back. That place did a phone interview with him today and have now scheduled a second interview for Tuesday.

WOO HOO!! Can I get a YEAH!!

Cross your fingers people. Since this is the ONLY lead we have I'm hoping that maybe it will be the only one we need.


On a totally unrelated note: Ramon Noodles... where have you been all my life??


kbreints said...


....and seriously? Ramon noodles?? That is all I ate when I was single and poor.

Meghan said...

Ramen noodles!!! Kids love em too. Seriously, there have been times when I have offered to make the kids steak on the grill and they instead wanted... Ramon.

I will keep my fingers crossed for Jake.

Tink said...

It's so hard to find a job right now. Especially when you're submitting to a website. I often wonder if anyone even checks those things. Here's to hoping he gets the job.

Lynanne said...

Keeping my fingers, toes, and anything else crossed that will help!

I LOVE ramon noodles. They are a pure starchy comfort food when I'm too lazy to make anything else