Thursday, October 23, 2008

My first (and probably my last) post on politics

I don't want this to turn into a comment war, and I will delete any that I need to if I feel it becomes as inappropriate here, as it did over at Dooce but I must just write a couple of things.

There are a couple of very wonderful bloggers out in the bloggosphere who have said, with far more elegance than I could ever muster, what has been running through my head for awhile.

For purposes of what I'm referencing, it doesn't matter how you feel about either candidate. (Although I'm guessing you will be able to tell which way I feel.) However, forget your own feelings for a moment and focus, instead on the bigger picture.

The absolute disregard, and even disrespect that John McCain seems to have for women. And since most of you who read here are women I point you two a couple of good reads:

Julie from A Little Pregnant wrote this...

Alexa from Flotsam wrote this....

While they didn't change my vote they certainly helped to solidify it.


Aunt Becky said...

They write better than I'll ever be able to.

Anonymous said...

To be honest, I'm a woman, a mother, and plan to have more children. And while I am more pro-life than pro-choice, abortion is the least of my concerns during this election. I could really care less what they say about abortion. McCain and Obama are both males. Neither will ever understand pregnancy as no man ever will.

However, this election I'm focusing my vote more on the bigger issues at hand, which I feel are foreign policies, the war, taxes, the economy, and social security for our futures, for our children's futures. When I did all my research to make my decision, I didn't even consider looking at abortion this year!

Jessica said...

I completely agree with anonymous as you and I discussed last night Heather.
His views on abortion or any topic similar will probably never see light during his presidency so I think voters should look at the more pressing issues to date.
We need someone who is going to make huge strides toward making us a stronger country....I hate to say it but....sort of like Clinton did.
In my opinion I am still changing gears because my vote was hands down for Hilary.
A few years ago Oprah had Obama on her show, long before him running for president was ever in the works. I was so impressed with him and what he did for his city.
Now I have lost sight of what it is or could be he would do for us. I am blinded by all the negative throw backs by both candidates and am having a hard time seeing through all the celebrity to know what Obama stands for.

I didn't know this was a popularity contest and I didn't know ccelebrites should sway my vote merely based upon who they are.

I LOVE Oprah but she does not influence what I do. If she wants to campaign maybe she should run!

kbreints said...

I really am always put off by negative advertising... and that is all that I have seen from the Obama Camp this election. Of course both sides do it, but Obama seems to have really focused on it.

That coupled with the fact that I am not going to vote based on one issue.

As far as McCain not having any respect for woman.... his running mate IS a woman (one that all of us should be able to relate to. She has 5 children, one with downsyndrome), he has been married FOREVER, and he has a daughter.

The media I feel is VERY biased this election towards Obama, and they can certainly paint McCain any way they choose. It is up to us to make a decision on our own.

I am never one to debate an issue... I don't feel like I should have to justify to anyone but myself a reason I choose to do something.

I don't feel badly towards anyone about the way they vote-- that is their right as a US citizen-- I am just happy that people CARE this election enough to vote AT ALL!

Anonymous said...

I agree. Everyone is going to have certain reasons they choose one candidate over another. To be honest, I work with elderly people for a living. A lot of them vote strictly on Democrat vs. Republican. Some have been one or the other all of their long lives and will continue to vote. They were discussing over dinner the other day and one man even admitted he didn't know who the democratic candidate was but he'd vote democrat just because he'd been a D his whole life and isn't about to switch now!

All I think that matters is people make an INFORMED decision. Don't go by what you see on TV. RESEARCH IT!!! And don't just trust one website. View both candidate's websites, and take it far enough to google and view others as well. Determine what's important to you, and go from there. Justify it only to yourself, but be a part of the election and be informed.

As far as McCain and the woman issue... seriously that's what you think? I don't think that either blog was very informed based on my own research. It seems to me to be another one of those negetive items someone focused on to get people to vote Obama, and you're all taking it hook, line, and sinker. Just like the people who said Obama was still Muslim and would lead our country towards a Muslim society. Hook, line, and sinker.

Bree said...

I honetly haven't decided who I will vote for because quite honestly I don't like either of them for the job, so for me it comes down to the lesser of two evils.

My problem with McCain is that he wasn't good enough to be president the other times he ran, why is he good enough now? Have his views changed? I doubt it. I also think the only reason he picked Palin is because Obama did not pick Clinton. Once again, just my opinion.

Obama scares me a little. I want to like him and believe what he says but for whatever reason I just can't. I feel like he came out of nowhere and that makes me a little nervous.

Anonymous said...

I'm a woman. I'm proudly voting McCain/Palin.

I agree with the previous comment about feeling a little nervous about Obama, and how he just came out of nowhere....

Go McCain!

Lindsay said...

Here are my thoughts. 1st on abortion, I think McCain's comments have been misconstrued. I don't believe he meant it in anyway that the mother's health means absolutely nothing. People will make up any story to try to get rid of a child that they absolutely don't want but were to stupid to prevent it from happening. There does need to be rules on what is acceptable health concerns. I don't believe that people should be able to use abortion as a means of birth control and right now, that is what is happening. All republican candidates have brought up that they will change Roe vs. Wade and so far it has never been done because there is always a fair mix of Dems and Reps in the house & Senate and nothing gets passed so for me that is not an issue in this election. I have usually always been strictly Democratic until this year. Living near Illinois, I have witnessed the corruptness that goes on and Obama is part of it. The last govenors have all gone to federal prison and the current one is also probably going to follow the same path and Obama is best friends with them. How does it look that your healthcare will be in the hands of Obama when Illinois has the 3rd worse malpractice insurance and healthcare costs and all the doctors are having to leave the state. There are billboard signs everywhere here that say "Help keep doctors in Illinois". If he can't even handle the healthcare in his own state, how can he handle the countries. Finally, Obama wants to "spred the wealth" I don't want to work hard so people like the dumbasses across the street from me can do nothing, party all night long, spend all their money on beer and cigs, and have many kids they can't afford and my hard earned money is redistributed to them to help pay for their food stamps so they can use the little money they do have to buy all the beer and cigs they want. I don't think so. Obama said that only those making over 250,000 will get tax increases but that is GROSS, not net, so any small business, including mom's will get taxed more because even if they don't NET more than 250,000, they do GROSS way more than that with all the buying and selling of supplies and paying for employees and that is what Obama is looking at to increase the taxes on. I am not a huge fan of McCain but he doesn't scare me as much as Obama.

Jessica said...

McCain wasn't good enough the first time/s he ran?

Maybe that is the ticket Bree....He may not have been voted for that last time/s, and his views may be the same but at least we know he won't give up, he will try and try and try.

I look at myself...I applied for my job four times before finally getting hired! Does that mean I wasn't good enough the first time? No! It just means they right people didn't hire me. Now they are all kicking themselves they didn't hire me sooner.

You all have opened my eyes tremendously!

Lynanne said...

I have 4 children (one with special needs) and I can't relate to Palin at all. 'Nuff said. :)

Thank you for the links. Here is another one from youtube:

Bottom line: no matter where you stand, get out and vote!!