Saturday, October 11, 2008

Translation Guide

"NaKaLikeit" = I don't like it.
(Or perhaps I do like it but I feel like saying something as I'm eating this and then I'm going to spit it out. But if you like it and YOU are eating it I might be persuaded to put it back into my mouth....)

Yeah = Yes

(Unless of course it means no, in which case when you do whatever it is he said yes to there will be much screaming and throwing of ones body in convulsions to the floor.)

No = No

(See above explanation for in case no meant yes and you got it wrong....)

Tactor = Tractor

(Unless of course it is prefaced by BIG in which case that little old gator will NOT suffice. NO, there must be a tractor of a MUCH larger size to mitigate any damages caused to his psyche....)

Neighs = Horses

(Unless of course you say horses and he is repeating you ... in which case horses means horses. DUH mommy!!)

Puppy = Beloved treasure that must be carted EVERYWHERE and NEVER touched by anyone other than Zackary.
See Also.... Bunny, blanket and perhaps MINE!!
Scuse me... = Excuse me

(Said to everyone from the couch, when the footrest is in his way, to the people in the grocery store. Has magical powers to melt your heart even when you are having the worst of days....)
See Also - Scuse me pillow, scuse me puppies... beep beep


kbreints said...

So cute! Sam's talking has exploded... and he is talking all the time now. Kids are so funny!

Two talking boys.... cahttering in teh backseat?? Hysterical!

OMH said...

Ahhhh - the inner workings of a Little Man's mind...hmmmmmmm maybe they never outgrow the Yes means Yes unless it means No.........

I do so love listening to developing communication in children thanks for sharing.

Lynanne said...

Such a fun age! I love it when kids find their voice. Or so I need to keep reminding myself after the 999th scream of "NO"