Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Voting Help

A Request from my friend Jess....

As the election approaches I am getting more and more desperate to find a website that states the facts. Does anyone know of one? I am still torn about which candidate to vote for and like many others I feel like this election is even more important for people to vote and make an educated vote. So my two questions are….

1. Is there a website I can go to that lists each candidates views factually?

2. Is there somewhere I can go to get a ballet just as I will see it that day?

In years prior I have stepped into the voting booth to find I had only heard of two or three categories of names. I would like to go in that voting booth educated and voting for what I believe in rather than: eny, meeny, minny, moe.




Anonymous said...

Creative Genius? said...

Here we did early voting - and while we were on the LONG line they gave us a sample ballot to read over. So I'd say worse case go to an early voting location and see if you can snag a ballot to bring home!

electriclady said...

Re: a ballot, try the website for your state's Board of Elections. I think you are in Iowa? If so, go here:
This doesn't show you the ballot as it will look, but it will tell you all the races and ballot initiatives that will be on the ballot. You could also try the website of a large newspaper in your state--they should have their endorsements by this weekend at the latest, and even if you don't agree with the paper the endorsements will tell you what will be on the ballot. If it's a local paper it will also have local races (Congress, state senator, etc.) but any paper in your state will talk about the national and state-wide races and initiatives.

As for your other question, a quick Google turns up and Or try

Good for you for wanting to be informed!

Anonymous said...

Before voting....make sure you watch this.