Thursday, August 06, 2009

Thursday Thoughts

When your friend tells you she has something planned that you can't back out of and you can't bring your camera to don't rack your brain for a million years because never in a million years would I have guessed she was going to put me on a motorcycle.

2 hours of riding, wind blown hair, not a drop of alcohol added up to the best celebration of my freedom a girl could ask for.

Since I couldn't have a camera, Katie took these pictures for me of the big event. Perhaps I should just clarify for those of you who don't know me in real life. I lived in a box. A little tiny ring box. I was the least adventrous person you could EVER imagine!! My entire life was about avoiding things that could possibly kill me... like motorcycles!!

HOWEVER, I showed up and shut up just as I was instructed and the poor, poor man who had to drive me around will only be deaf in that one ear for a little while!! :-)
Dave and I on the motorcycle (sorry ladies... he's taken....)
Me, pretending to drive... NO I did not actually drive. Are you crazy??


Bree said...

Well, you are smiling so that is a good thing. Is that makeup I see you wearing??

Anonymous said...

You look great! :)
I love the one of you in the rear mirror, however, you are not looking back....symbolic - never look back girl! So happy for you!

Heather said...

Yes... that was makup. Shocking I know!! :-)

I did my hair and makeup thinking I was going out. At least the makeup looked good. The hair on the other hand after all of that wind blowing was not so great!!

BUT... TONS of fun!!

Alan_Courtney said...

first glad of you on the back of the bike I thought you were riding with someone who had a clown face on. Need I say I need my glasses checked or my mom needs a bigger lap top screen.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE IT! i actually got a little teary because you experienced true freedom--- feels damn good doesn't it!?! Erica