Friday, August 12, 2005


If my house should ever catch on fire this will be me....

Woman Dies While Trying To Rescue Cat From Fire

A Kentucky woman trying to save her cat from inside her burning home near Louisville has died.
Authorities said she died of smoke inhalation after being taken to a hospital.

Iris Kay Call and her husband had escaped from the house, but she went back inside looking for the cat and didn't reappear. Firefighters later removed her from the house.

So... if you come to my house and you see fire extinguishers everywhere... trust me when I tell you it's for my own safety.


JessOlson said...

Shane or the firemen would have to tie me to a tree to keep me from re-entering my home for Winston. I could not just stand outside knowing he was inside dying. NO way NO how! As sad as it may be that the Kentucky woman died, she died for something she loved.