Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Our Menagerie

According to dictionary.com a menagerie is a diverse or miscellaneous group. I would definitely classify our house as that right now. Last night, our menagerie continued to grow. Last week when I got home there was a business card in our door. The cell phone number was circled and all that was written on the back of the card was Please Call.

The first thing that ran through my mind was that this person had hit one of our animals. So... I started a head count. Jack - check, Sadie - check, Mouse - check... no Squeak. So I called and called, and still no Squeak. Just for good measure I went inside, Lex - check, Sylvester - check, Pixie - check. So back outside I went. I looked out into the pasture and it appeared as if all of the cows were contained, beyond the fact that I figured if they had hit one of them, there would probably be more tell-tale signs on the road not to mention someone would have called either Mom & Dad or us to tell us they were out.

FINALLY, after about 20 minutes of yelling for her and pacing around outside Squeak showed up. Okay, so I had all of our animals, now what? I called my mom, who knows this person, and the only thing she could think of is that maybe he wanted to rent some pasture. When he finally called back he informed me that was exactly what he wanted to do. Apparently he has some brude mares that he is weaning and it is easier to get them out of sight, out of mind to wean them rather than put them in a different lot from their babies and take the chance that they will get hurt trying to break through the fence.

Well, since our pasture was going unused, and since we are always up for a little extra money we agreed. Last night when we arrived home we had a few extra bodies to greet us. This now brings our total to:

7 horses

5 cows

5 cats

2 dogs

and 4 fish (of which I'm sorry to say I do not have pictures of)


kreints said...

See... Adda Couple kids in the mix.. you will never notice!

JessOlson said...

So do you suppose the horses are ready to meet Shane and all of his bareback riding experience or did you miss that story?