Sunday, August 28, 2005

The divine intervention that allowed us NOT to burn our garage down in the last year!

Apparently Sylvester is not the only one who doesn't fully grasp the concept of the kitty fountain.

Bryce seemed fully content in his interpretation of what the fountain was there for.... a new toy for him to splash in.

These pictures were taken last Sunday when Matt came over to re-wire our garage. Sometime last year it was brought to our attention that maybe plugging a three way, into a three way may not be the safest usage of the ONE plug in we had in our garage. Not to mention the fact that plugging all of this into one plug in made it too heavy to actually stay plugged in. Our solution? Tape the sucker to the wall. Yes, you read that right, rather than take the hint that maybe we should not plug so many things into one plug in we decided to just use blue painters tape and tape them securely into the outlet!! No, our garage did not burn down, by what miracle, we are not yet sure.

So, back in April when I did their taxes we agreed that instead of paying me we would swap labor. His labor for my labor. Four months later, the garage is WONDERFULLY wired, and we even have a few extra light fixtures. It only took me holding one white long-sleeved shirt that Matt has had since highschool for ransom to get the job done! (HeHe!!)

As for what we did with our time this weekend... absolutely nothing! It was actually quite nice and really relaxing. On Friday we rented 6 movies and settled in for a weekend of doing lots and lots of nothing. Amazingly enough, it actually worked and both Jake and I took naps on Saturday and slept in today.


JessOlson said...

Well what movies did you watch and what ratings would you give?