Monday, August 29, 2005


Because I was asked....

The movies we watched this weekend were:

The Ring Two: This is a good movie, however if you have not seen the Ring you will not get it. It is not one of those sequels where you can just jump right in. Also, if you watched the Ring a few months ago (or in our case maybe a year or more) I would recommend re-watching it before you watch the second one. We spent the first 20-30 minutes trying to remember what they were referring to from the first movie.

The Wedding Date: Very cute chick flick. Relatively predictable, but a good movie none the less. I watched this on Saturday morning while Jake was at work. When I told him that I was taking it back on Saturday afternoon he was not overly depressed that he missed out on it.

Million Dollar Baby: Good movie, very interesting and I don't like boxing. However, the last 20 minutes were absolute torture! The ending drags ON AND ON AND ON!! Had they ended the movie 20 minutes sooner I would have liked it much better. If I told you why it drags then I would ruin it for you... so you'll have to just decide whether to risk watching it or not! :-)

Ladder 49: Love the movie, hate the ending. However, whenever anyone told me about this movie they kept telling me that it was a really great movie but it had a very sad ending so I can't say I wasn't warned. However, if you have never seen the movie, you will figure out relatively quickly how it ends knowing this bit of information. It was still a really good movie even with being able to guess the ending.

We still have Hostage and Coach Carter at home to watch so I will have to let you know about those at a later date.