Wednesday, August 03, 2005


Okay... we have decided. When we are rich we are going to get ourselves one of these:

And what, you are asking is this adorable creature staring at you? Why a Bobcat of course!! For the low price of $1,500 we could be the proud owners of this ADORABLE creature.

According to my new favorite website we could own a bobcat, a lynx, a caracal, or a serval. After all, a bobcat only gets to be an average size of 25-35 lbs. It would be like a Jack or a Sadie, all be it a Jack or Sadie that jumps. And this, is the main reason that we have decided that our house is probably not equipped for an animal of that size that jumps.

We have a kitty tree that Sylvester just loves. However we are pretty sure that this thing would NOT hold something of that size. I think we would probably have to build a custom kitty condo along with some MONSTER perches to hold something that large.

The next problem... what do you feed this adorable little (okay big) kitty? According to the website big cats will become very sick if they are fed just regular cat food. Therefore, you are supposed to feed them whole meat. Conveniently enough they sell just such whole meat food. 40 lbs of Beef-Chicken-Hen for $82. They recommend your big cat eat a pound to a pound and a half of meat per day so this will last you 25-40 days. $3.28 to $2.05 per day. Sort of like feeding a small child.

Finally there is the issue of just exactly how is this thing going to relieve its self? That would be one VERY big litterbox!! According to the website if you don't want to litter train it, they also like to relieve themselves in water as that is what they do in the wild. Can we say... no thank you? Maybe if we could train it to use the toilet, but otherwise... I don't want that thing tracking nasty "used" water around my house.

So, if Jake and I ever win the lottery and you see us building on to our house, know... it's not for the children... it's for one of these!!


kreints said...

Can't you just borrow them as kittens and then return them when they get older? Call it training..