Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Different Perspective

Me: I was looking at Jake's gas receipt the other day and I was just floored by the price. I thought he had accidentally filled up with premium!

Other Person: (laughing) You make him give you his receipts?

Me: Well yeah, how else do I know what comes out of the checkbook?

OP: What do you mean?

Me: Well we only have one checkbook. If he doesn't give me the receipt then I will never know how much is in there.

OP: Oh, all my bills just come out automatically and I just go to the ATM and if it says I have money than I do.

Would it have been mean of me to point out that my daddy give me money and so I don't have an unlimited source of funds? Yeah... I thought so to so I just nodded and smiled. Oh the joys of the unmarried, no bills, never have to scrimp to buy groceries life. Is it too late to sign me up for that?