Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Family Barbecue

On Saturday the Brooks side of my family trekked up to Jewel to visit my Uncle clint. When we pulled in the driveway the first thing we noticed was that Clint was mowing the lawn.

We figured with as crummy as he had been feeling lately this must be a good sign. (Quick side note, that vehicle in the back is my mother's new Tahoe... to say she is proud is a gross understatement!) As it turns out he had a steroid injection on Friday and he usually gets about two good days of relief after one of those.

The first thing we did, of course, was stand around and chat.

The People in these pictures are (from left to right) my aunt Cindy, Denise (Clint's girlfriend), Clint (on the mower), my Uncle Dennis, and my mom.

Finally someone decided that maybe we should cook something while we chatted, lest we all starve to death. Us Brookses... we are smart ones!! We put the boys to work shucking sweet corn.

Jake, Tim (Lindsay's boyfriend), my cousin Brandon, my Uncle Dennis. Even Sammy (short for Samantha) my uncle's dog wanted to help.

After the corn was shucked, the "women" headed inside to do "womanly things" (a.k.a. sit around in the living room and chat with Clint) while the men stayed outside and did some gossiping of their own.

Jake, Tim, my cousin Shawn, my Uncle David, Uncle Dennis, my Cousin Adam

Jake shows off his skills on the grill

Clint's impressive stockpile of drugs. Impressive, and expensive!! One of his chemotherapy drugs costs $2,808.46 for 30 pills. He told me to make sure I didn't leave off the forty six cents. I assured him that I wouldn't!!

After we ate there was more sitting around and chatting and then we ended the day with a round of "family" photos.

Jake, Me, Adam, Lindsay, Tim, Brandon, Shawn

Clint, Connie, David, Mom, Dennis

Overall, the day was not overshadowed by the fact that Clint is sick, but instead celebrated for the fact that all of us were able to get together and share such a wonderful summer day.


kreints said...

It looks like you al had a wonderful time! Where is your dad?