Monday, August 01, 2005

Baby Laughs

I've been having a little trouble trying to figure out how to follow my last post with something equally interesting and I've come to a conclusion. Folks, I don't always have something creative to write to you. Sorry, our lives are just NOT that interesting.

However, I do want to try to post something on here as often as I can, so today I'm going to do my book report on Jenny McCarthy's other book, baby laughs.

I have to say after my disappointment in the first book I was a little apprehensive about reading this one. However, since I bought them both, I figured I might as well get my $25.81 out of them. By the way, now that I've finished them, I'm selling them both for the bargain price of $24.99, let me know if your interested!!

This book was MUCH better than the first one. Jenny truly seems to have done some MAJOR maturing during her first year as a mother. In the first book she talked about how she had spent tons of money on baby clothes and accessories. In the second book she talks about how she bought a $150 stroller and while she saw people with bigger and more expensive strollers she decided that she was not going to waste her money.

Over all, while the book still jumps around a bit, it is not nearly as distracting as it was in the first one. She still has the style of each chapter being it's own mini book but they seem to be organized much more effectively. I would say this book has made me realize that while people may not seem ready to have children, actually having one changes everything.

Being a mom happens in an instant, and I think for Jenny it really seems to have helped her to put her focus more on what is important (her child) and less on what is not (who has to most expensive whatever.) I guess I realize now why people say you are never ready to be a mom until you become one.