Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Scavenger Hunt

On Saturday Jake and I attended a couples night hosted by our friends Jess and Shane. The main game for the evening was a scavenger hunt. This consisted of guys against girls, nine items to find/do and photograph plus one dare. Unfortunately, we lost. Now I know this is no excuse, but we did have one item (find 5 ISU license plates) that took us 45 minutes to do. The guys had one hard item also (find a guy in a cowboy hat, cowboy boots, and wearing a belt buckle) but it was Iowa State Fair time, so it didn't take them NEARLY as long as it should have!!

Now I do have to admit, I was somewhat skeptical about this game to begin with, but it turned out to be A LOT of fun!! I am going to post the pictures of what the girls had to do. I do not have the pictures from the guys, but if Jess will be so kind as to e-mail them to me, I will post them later.

Our first three items found us wildly running through Wal-mart. First up, sing "Oh I wish I was an Oscar Meyer Wiener" while holding a package of hotdogs in the meat section.

Next, we had to buy a carton of eggs and then return them to customer service stating that we needed to return the eggs because we had decided we couldn't eat them since life begins at conception.

While the lady behind the counter seemed nice enough... I'm unsure that she really believed that we wanted to return the eggs. When she finally got it she went through her usual speech... so there's nothing wrong with the eggs? (No lady... we just ran over from the line we purchased them in!!) You just don't want them anymore? (She's catching on...)

She finally agreed to return our poor "fertilized" eggs for a full refund of our $1.14 or whatever they cost and even asked to see the final picture that we took. (Even though she wasn't looking at the camera when we took the picture!!)

Our final task in Wal-mart found us purchasing a cucumber and KY at the same time. I'll let you guess what the implication of that was. Luckily there was nothing that we had to say to the cashier to go along with this. We were in such a hurry though that the total came to $2.91 and Jess just threw $3.00 at the poor woman and said keep the change as we were running away.

The guys also had to make a purchase at Wal-mart. Their purchase: a box of super-plus tampons and a pregnancy test. They, however, did not get off so easy on the talking to the cashier. Their job was to tell him/her... "either way we go we're screwed."

After Wal-mart we moved on to Keith's house to get the next five items on our list. We were going to go to the fair grounds but decided to only venture into that madhouse on a Saturday night as a last resort.

At Keith's we had to get a picture of someone in cutoffs.

10 bonus points if you can guess who's butt that is. (No, it's not one of us three.) The guys also had to get this but they achieved their picture in a little more creative way. As they were driving down East 29th street they slammed on the breaks, jumped out of the truck and ran up to some woman walking her dog. She agreed to let them take a picture of her legs, but I'm unsure if she really believed them when they told her they were on a scavenger hunt.

Our next item was to get a picture of someone wearing black socks and sandals. Who does this? We were pretty sure that NO ONE does so we had to set up this picture.

Another 10 bonus points if you can guess who's legs these are. I'll give you a hint. We were supposed to find a GUY wearing black socks and sandals but we cheated a little. (It's okay to admit that since, as the guys are so fond of telling us... WE LOST!!) If we would have won... I would have taken that secret to my grave. Why sure those are Marshall's legs!!

Next came a picture of a tan line. The guys also had this, but I think they used Matt's tan line. Since we called Jess's Aunt, her other aunt and uncle who also helped make the questions were out of town, and found out we weren't supposed to use anyone in the group we used Amber.

Isn't that a nice tan line? What? Why does it look like it's been enhanced a tad with foundation? I don't know what you're talking about!! (Again okay to admit because why? Let's all say it together... WE LOST!!)

The next item we had to get was two girls kissing. Jess's aunt assured us that this would be easy, just go into a bar and ask two women to do it. We, however, didn't have that much confidence in our abilities to find two girls willing to do this at 7:30 at night. Maybe after a few more beers, but 7:30 is still early in bar time. So... we once again used Amber and Molly, our helpful participants.

Now, before you start to think... wait a minute. They seem to have gotten a lot done there, that's not fair that they used people they know... let me reiterate. The men used Matt's tan line, and when they had to sing while working out they used the gym in the neighbor's garage. The man with the belt buckle, cowboy boot, and cowboy hat was a co-worker of Jake's. AND... the picture of a woman's boobs that they had to get... those were Amber's. (Okay.. it was more of a cleavage shot... but the were still Amber's.)

All's fair in love and scavenger hunts isn't it? Besides... did you forget already? Even with all of our help from Amber and Molly...WE STILL LOST!! Our final thing at Keith's was to build a cheerleading pyramid.

Don't we look thrilled?

It was only around 7:45 or 8:00 by the time we left Keith's house. We had 8 things off of our list, including the dare and only had two things left to do. It was at this point that our evening took a turn for the worse. Did you know that it is next to impossible to find 5 ISU license plates when you are looking for them??

In hindsight we should have gone to the tattoo parlor first and gotten a picture of someone getting a tattoo. At least then, when the guys called and said they were done at 8:45 we might have been a little closer. Instead, we drove irratically through hospital parking lots, and parking garages looking for the dumb license plates.

By this point I was so into winning this game and having fun that I was just weaving in and out of the rows in the parking lots. When we got to Mercy Jess had to get out and walk around while Danette and I continued to look because she was getting car sick. Hey... wasn't it her that told me to throw caution to the wind and just go with the flow? Beggers can't be choosers!! :-)

Anyway, we had JUST finished getting all of the license plates and were heading to the tattoo parlor when the guys called. That was the only thing left on our list, but since the time limit was 9:00 or whoever finishes first, we accepted defeat gracefully and headed back to Jess and Shane's house for our "lashing."

After we got back we played a game similar to the old newlywed game and then we played cards. Somewhere in all of this mayhem the remaining guys (who didn't' live there) decided it would be funny to put a coconut in between the mattress and boxsprings of Jess & Shane's bed. (Sorry guys.) As of yesterday they had still not discovered it, so I did let Jess in on the secret. I didn't want to forget about it and have them find it six months down the road moldy and rotten. (Do coconuts rot?)

Over all, it was a very fun evening. My thought was that maybe next time we could play a game similar to the amazing race. The only problem with that is that if I made the clues and hid them I would not be able to play the game, and how fun would that be? So... I'm re-thinking my options... got any suggestions??


Jess Olson said...

I am glad everyone had a good time. Shane and I had a blast. I will let you know my ideas on an Amazing Race, when my stomach surfaces...I do hope we will do it the true Amazing Race style...on foot?!?!? Or could I be so lucky?
Thanks for coming!

PS...Revenge of the coconut is on, be prepared for anything: 3am door-bell ringings, obscene lawn signs/ornaments or cans with no lables...be sure to lock your doors. I guess we will find out if coconuts rot...Tag your it! :)