Tuesday, November 27, 2007

And so it begins...

I knew this day would come, I had just hoped it would be further down the road. Today the deputy that was investigating Jake before he left found out that he is back in town.

This weekend a trailer was stolen from the mobile home park where Jake works. I don't know what kind of trailer, possibly one to haul a car or a tool type trailer. Anyhow, the type isn't important. What is important is that before Jake left there was a trailer in our garage. A trailer which most likely was stolen and this was the detective that investigated said trailer.

So he called to the mobile home park and spoke with Jake and the first words out of his mouth were did you have anything to do with this? Followed by did you tell any of your "friends" about where a trailer might be found?

Jake handled himself well. He was respectful and told him that he was active in AA and did not speak to any of those people any more. HOWEVER... he is still a little freaked out. This man told me that he had some things on Jake, possibly not enough to charge him, but that if Jake kept his nose clean he would not charge him. Jake's biggest fear is that even though he is doing good something like this will come along and they will try to pin it on him because of his past.

I told him not to worry about it. He was with me, or with our friends all weekend so he has nothing to worry about. I have no doubt that he was not involved. (Which is saying a lot because in the past he would have been the first person I suspected.)

However, this has carried over into his attitude this evening. He was pissed off tonight and almost didn't go to the meeting because I tried to pick up a clean plate that he was going to use because it was sitting on the counter with the dirty plates. (Yes that really is the whole story, yes I know he was pissed about something else and he just took it out on me.)

Anyhow, I know that Jake has done nothing to cause this I just really wish he could have had a few more months to prove himself before he had to be judged by the one man who may have the power to "make or break" his job, his freedom, and his life.


Kbreints said...

Jake needs to talk to his Sponsor, and the AA group about this. He needs (if he has not already) to air it out and get his frusteration about it out in the open. I hope that he does not let this fester. Everyone is wrongly judged at one point or another. The bigger person will be able to be mad, and get over it, and move on. I hope that he is able to do this.