Sunday, November 18, 2007


Today is the 18th day in a row that I have posted. I'm pretty sure this is my longest posting streak.... oh.. EVER!! I'm tired. I've been scanning pictures all weekend. I've got 1,000 pictures scanned in and I think I still have about 200 more to go. The Thanksgiving deadline is looking doubtful.

So... the point is to post every day. So I'm posting... I'm just not posting much. Jake's dad saw the heart doctor today and they told him surgery on Wed. or Friday. So hopefully we will know more on that tomorrow.

Oh... and in closing, Zack got a tooth this weekend!! YEAH for Zack!! It's about time!!


Connie said...

speaking of's more like 5000 more? Think jewelry box, jewelry box, jewelry box. My basement is WAITING and it is very, very, full. Tee hee, gobble,gobble, gobble.....