Wednesday, November 21, 2007


Ok... it's LATE. This is going to be quick.

The surgery went fine. He's resting in ICU right now.

I did take my scanner to the hospital and scanned in some things but not as much as I would have been able to if I would have been able to sit at the table which was in the other room which was occupied by LOTS of other people.

So I scanned then and then scanned when I got to my sisters house while she played with Zack. Then I FINISHED!! Did you hear that?? DONE!! At least until I start the next batch of pictures.

It snowed today. A LOT!! The weather man said we were just supposed to get a dusting and not until tonight. It started about 9:00 and fell all day. On the news they said we got 4.8". How do these weather people keep their jobs?