Saturday, November 17, 2007

Random Thoughts

I'm making it in just under the wire again tonight. 40 minutes to spare this time... yeah me.
I just got a spam on my last post. It was in Spanish. No Hablo Espanol. I get the spam thing to an extent. Want to advertise your website spam a bunch of people and hope someone clicks on it. But in Spanish on an English website?
On Wednesday I took Zack to the grocery store. In the parking lot I pushed the front end of the cart against my bumper and threw the paper towels and cat food into the back end of my jeep. As I turned to close the tail gate I noticed that the shopping cart was moving, almost tipping over. Some idiot in a big black truck was backing out and turned his truck and hit the shopping cart wedging it between his truck and my jeep.

Luckily Zack was turned sideways looking at me and so his hands and legs were out of the way and he was not injured. I was in shock and didn't yell at this guy didn't really do much of anything. Now the longer I think about it the more freaked out I get. The handle of the shopping cart that was wedged against his truck is where my little baby puts his little hands. If they had been there his hands would have been crushed between the truck and the shopping cart probably breaking all of his fingers. Add that to my list of things I am grateful for.
On Friday I went to the hospital to sit with Jake's family while his dad had more stints put into the arteries of his heart. When they did the angiogram to figure out which arteries needed to be unblocked they discovered that he had too many blockages for stints so he has to have open heart surgery. The earliest that they could get him in to see a doctor is the Tuesday after Thanksgiving even though one of the main arteries is 90% blocked and three other branches are 90%, 85% & 80% blocked.

While I was at dinner tonight I got a phone call from Jake's step-mom. His dad was admitted to the hospital today. He was having chest pains. They said he didn't have another heart attack but they want to keep a close eye on him so he has to stay for at least three days. He now gets a consultation with a doctor within 24 hours. Perhaps this is a blessing in disguise.
Finally, I was at dinner tonight with Jess & Katie and my phone rang. It was Jake. He called to tell me that he was sick. I was 30 minutes away, he is 26 years old. What did he want me to do about it? Jess and Katie almost peed their pants laughing when they realized that he had really called just to tell me he was sick.

They laughed even harder when I said this line, "What do you want me to do? Do you want me to feel sorry for you. I do honey. I'm very sorry that you are sick."


Bree said...

I had a friend who use to make fun of me because I would leave my grocery cart full, while putting my son and/or daughter in the car. I told her she could laugh all she wants, I'd rather my groceries get stolen then my child.

Kbreints said...

yeah-- I laughed, but I have to say that today-- I called Dan just to tell him that I felt so aweful. Yep-- I to am someone that needs an audience when I am sick. Everyone must suffer with me.

OldMotherHubbardSharesAll said...

I have always said I would rather my 3 children be sick when they were younger than my husband - not as much work for me. When Randy had back surgery he wanted me to ignore my 2, 4 & 6 year olds playing in the play room at the house to sit and watch him sleep..... Men are babies but I have noticed in order for them to want comfort from someone they mucst first love that person and second trust them completely so take it as a compliment that he called you!