Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Where I've been...

I just noticed that Blogger had apparently reset my time-zone to one hour later than it was supposed to be. Somehow I had ended up on Guam time. (WTF?? I've never been to Guam... have you?) This would usually not be a problem but this weekend I posted something at 11:20 and so it moved it into 12:20 there by making it another day. If that screws up my NaBloPoMo I am SOO waging a formal complaint. Look... I didn't stay up WAY past my bedtime to post something for nothing!!

As for where I've been the last couple of days... things around here have been crazy!! A computer at work got broken and somehow that has become my job. Not that I know much more than the next guy. I did what they told me to do. It didn't work. So I called the tech people and we did an online meeting thing where they took over the computer and did their thing.

From 3:00 yesterday afternoon until 5:30 and then from 9:00 this morning until 10:45. However... it is now fixed and that is what matters isn't it?

When I haven't been doing that I have been running around trying to get everything done since I am taking yet ANOTHER day off tomorrow. At this rate I will be dipping into next years days by January and they don't renew until June!!

There is wi-fi at the hospital so perhaps you all have some deep thoughts that you want answered that I could type up while I wait. Heaven knows what else I'm going to do besides stare at people for five hours!!

(You wanna go to the cafeteria? How about now? Perhaps we should go to the gift shop? We could walk to the nursery and look at the babies.....)


Kbreints said...

oh- baby looking baaaaad! It will make your uterus hurt and you will want another one... stay away from that floor!

Jessica said...