Friday, November 09, 2007

Busy, Busy, Busy

Zack decided to get up at 5:45 this morning so any time I had to post then just flew right out the window. He is never all that pleasant when he gets up that early. Then I had a training class today so I was out of the office. There goes my lunch hour post.

So I thought I would come home this afternoon (training was over at 3:30), put Zack down for a nap and write then. Would you like to know who wouldn't nap? Oh and I couldn't leave him in his crib for quiet time because someone, who shall remain nameless, picked today to learn how to pull himself up and was peaking over the edge of the crib when I went up there to check on him.

So, needless to day we need to lower the crib mattress. As I type this he is pulling himself up on the coffee table reaching for the picture frame. Oh man... I am so in over my head here!! Gotta go rescue the cat and the breakables.

However, have no fear. It's NaBloPoMo month so I will be back tomorrow, and the next day, and the day after that....


Josh Boldman said...

Wow, my wife and I are going to be having our first child in April. It's so funny (scary??) reading blogs about young children knowing that we are next... I wish that there was some way to encourage you, but I'm not sure, so I'll close by saying, "Good luck!"

Josh Boldman

Kbreints said...